Wow, I'm an American - Peter R Breggin - Bøger - Lake Edge Press - 9780982456019 - September 1, 2009
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Wow, I'm an American

Peter R Breggin

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Wow, I'm an American

"Wow, I'm an American!" is written by Harvard-trained psychiatrist and best-selling author Peter R. Breggin, MD. In a bold new approach to the lives of our Founders and the principles they embraced, this book shows how the same ideals that inspired the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence can motivate and guide us to live happier and more satisfying lives. ?Wow, I'm an American!? demonstrates for the first time how the Founding principles of freedom, responsibility, gratitude, and love apply not only to government policy but also to the everyday challenges in our personal lives. At a time when the Constitution and traditional American values are threatened as never before, ?Wow, I'm an American!? revitalizes the American spirit. Founders like George Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, James Madison and Benjamin Rush built this country?s government and their personal lives around the ?inalienable rights? to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Our great political documents like the Bill of Rights express the integrity of their overall approach to life. No other book so imaginatively captures the essence of what makes America great, while showing us how to apply these principles to everyday living. Written in the spirit that simplicity is the test of truth and usefulness, Dr. Breggin's words can help the entire family to understand and to live like our Founding heroes. ? WILLIAM GLASSER, MD, PSYCHIATRIST AND AUTHOR: "Takes a fresh new approach to American history that will give you a deeper appreciation of the people who founded our nation and how to apply their beliefs to your everyday life." ? BARRY STRAUSS, PH. D., CORNELL UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR OF HISTORY: "As a historian, I admire Peter Breggin's insight into the American past. If you want one book that explains for the whole family what America is all about, look no further." ? CHRISTOPHER HARPER, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF JOURNALISM AND FORMER WASHINGTON CORRESPOND FOR NEWSWEEK: ?Peter Breggin?s book describes the magic and majesty of what the founders did for us. An inspiring book that my family, including my 16-year-old daughter, enjoyed.?

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado September 1, 2009
ISBN13 9780982456019
Editoras Lake Edge Press
Páginas 248
Dimensões 229 × 152 × 14 mm   ·   367 g
Idioma English  
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