Business and Self Confidence - Mike Pearce - Livros - Independently Published - 9781096966616 - 5 de maio de 2019
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Business and Self Confidence

Mike Pearce

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Business and Self Confidence

This volume looks at ways of helping your business, paralleling examples seen in the most successful plants. It links their structure, behaviour and resolution to succeed with that seen in types of management systems. Sections one and two give you some examples of how plants struggle to get to the top to maximise their potential and produce flowers and fruits. You too can be successful like these plants and reach the top to gain wealth and happiness. As in the game of snakes and ladders you think you can gain a great achievement but in reality things don't always last that long. As they say life is a roller coaster, like a wave with its peaks and troughs. You will always survive, life makes sure of that. The third section looks at ways to change your outlook and change the people around you thus improving your happiness and success. Staying at the top of the ladder involves trust. Trust will always involve risk as in the fourth section. It can involve long term commitments, or can also be an instant thing. Ever since we first existed we have had to trust someone or something in order to survive. Teaching involves trust but principles do not change that much and often go round in circles being influenced by government and institution requirements linked to funding and quality control. This fifth section looks at various ways you can help students progress in education by collecting information as well as improving team work and the corporate image of your institution. Has the situation in Victorian society changed today? -the scene has changed but the ideals have not. Are there poor today? Are there rich who exploit the poor?Do people love money and is that the only thing that matters for true happiness. The sixth section in this volume attempts to outline some of the ways we think today as compared to the past. Have we actually learnt something? Perhaps not. Loneliness has always existed and is hard to define. You don't have to be alone to be lonely but this often has been assumed for those on their own. The seventh section provides many ideas on how to avoid feeling isolated or lonely. Pick and choose things to try out which fit your circumstances at the time so as to enjoy every moment of your day. Remember, lonely people breed lonely people. One day there will be so many elderly people in many parts of the world that the word lonely will have little relevance as this will be a new culture. Lonely people often work in charity shops. Charity will always involve giving something, be it money, goods or your time. The goods or money may originate from donations or raised by some other means e.g. sponsorship or collections. This eighth section gives some ideas of how to maximise profit and work together to successfully avoid loneliness. The volume has many good ideas and examples of good practice based on personal experience and literature, which I'm sure will greatly benefit all those who read this book Enjoy.

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