Parable of the Diamond - Nick Bullington - Livros - Xlibris US - 9781425781057 - 29 de junho de 2007
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Parable of the Diamond

Nick Bullington

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Parable of the Diamond

Among Christians, parables serve as trademark stories from the New Testament; and elsewhere, this literary form has been incorporated into some of the most legendary stories in history. Perhaps most popular are the parables of Jesus in the Gospels, which embody some of his most established teachings. Jesus spoke often in parables "so that knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of God may be made known" (Luke 8:10). Simple yet memorable, Parable of the Diamond is a tale about a king and his faithful servant who is granted permission to pick out a single treasure from the king's chamber and the struggles he must face, with the underlying message to recognize what we should really treasure. It is written in a form for all ages so that you may be taken on a journey that is understandable and fun to read. The reader is exposed to a deeper meaning and purpose behind the characters and the plot, which can be a fun challenge to interpret and discuss amongst friends or family. Brightly colored pictures fi ll the pages and at the end, a short explanation of the parable exists. Also included are verses directly out of the Bible that are incorporated into the parable that make reading scripture not so intimidating as well as fun and easy to do, sparking interest and further reading of it. Finally, in the end, you will fi nd a "Love Letter from God," which includes an activity that will help you to realize the gifts you have been given. Whether given to a signifi cant other or read to a child, Parable of the Diamond will take you on a spiritual journey in a powerful way that is bound to make you think about your life and the blessings that we commonly take for granted!

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 29 de junho de 2007
ISBN13 9781425781057
Editoras Xlibris US
Páginas 52
Dimensões 216 × 279 × 4 mm   ·   190 g
Idioma English