Life's Reflections: from a Toddler to Eternity - Charles W. Craig - Livros - AuthorHouse - 9781425930479 - 19 de janeiro de 2007
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Life's Reflections: from a Toddler to Eternity

Charles W. Craig

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Life's Reflections: from a Toddler to Eternity

The title of the book is 'Life's Reflections" and the subtitle is "From a Toddler to Eternity." The author was motivated to write this book for several reasons, i.e., he had read his maternal grandfather's diaries, he reviewed a genealogy study of his family, he wanted to leave something for posterity, and, most important of all, he wanted to share his testimony in becoming a born again Christian in 1999. He has focused on those things that have loomed large in his memory bank. There are literally hundreds of vignettes that describe the more unusual things that have happened to him in his life, and for that reason, there is no one central theme of the book. The book beckons the reader to accompany him on a literary journey that is at times humorous, adventurous, insightful, tragic, hopeful or miraculous, as the case may be. It is the author's hope, too, that the reader will benefit from some of the lessons in life that he has learned. The book contains ten chapters as follows: Chapter One, The Early Years; Chapter Two, The Junior High Years; Chapter Three, The High School Years; Chapter Four, The College Years; Chapter Five, The Navy Years; Chapter Six, The Young Adult Years; Chapter Seven, The Thirties Years; Chapter Eight, The Alaska Years; Chapter Nine, The Georgia Years; and Chapter Ten, The Salvation Years. This autobiography will hopefully appeal to students at all levels of education, to teachers, to school administrators, to military personnel, to young married adults, to parents, to musicians, to athletes, to those who long to visit or live in Alaska, to RV enthusiasts, to cottage owners, to boaters, to retirees, to those who have lost a spouse to a terminal illness, to fishermen, to hunters, to world travelers, as well as to Christians everywhere-and to just about everyone else in one way or another. Come and join me in this reading adventure-you will enjoy it!

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Lançado 19 de janeiro de 2007
ISBN13 9781425930479
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