How To Stop Negative Thoughts - Barbara Ireland - Livros - Createspace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781535089548 - 29 de julho de 2016
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How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Barbara Ireland

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How To Stop Negative Thoughts


We think 60,000 thoughts a day. And yet, scientific research tells us a whopping 70% of those thoughts are negative. No wonder stress, social anxiety, depression, and unhappiness are on the rise!

If you want to stop that incessant, negative voice in your head, read this book.

One night in 2010, author Barbara Ireland was singing onstage with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam when she suddenly "heard" her own inner thoughts. She was shocked at how self-critical they were and wondered: "Are these negative thoughts going through my head all the time?"

Turns out they were - and they'd been sabotaging her life for years.

We all think negative thoughts. We dwell on past conflicts, we worry, we wonder if we're good enough, we judge others, fume, resent, envy, compare. We spill some orange juice and yell in our heads, "You're such an idiot!"

Sound familiar? What you may not realize is just how damaging that negative voice is.

Repetitive, negative thoughts - "Mind Loops" - increase stress, deplete your energy, interrupt your sleep, make you less productive - and can trigger destructive emotions like fear, jealousy, and shame. Your relationships, career and self-esteem suffer.

Tragically, Mind Loops can also sabotage you from achieving your most cherished dreams and goals because they create self-doubt with their mantras: "You aren't good enough," "You can't do it," and "Why try?"

But there is a way to interrupt repetitive, negative thoughts.

Based on neuroscience, Ireland's proven "4 D's of De-Looping" program will show you how to:

- catch, and detach from, negative thoughts before they have a chance to hook you

- heal and free yourself from painful memories - no matter how long ago they occurred

- reframe life's challenges so you can let go of resentments, stress, and worry

- literally re-wire your brain of its negative messages to free up energy to pursue your life's goals.

Your confidence, peace of mind, and happiness will finally have a chance to thrive.

The techniques in this book have transformed many people's lives. They can transform yours, too.

"From singer and bassist, filmmaker and now author, Barbara Ireland, comes an inspired book that begins to translate the science of negative thinking and neural pathways for those of us without Ph. D's." - Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam

"In the concept of Mind Loops, Barbara Ireland has identified the source of negativity, depression, and paralyzing feelings that undermine our dreams and well-being. In a sweeping act of creative genius she has distilled a number of simple remedies that will work for anyone willing to use them." -Wayne Lehrer, author, "The Prodigy Within"

"Barbara's program gives you a road map and action plan to remove repetitive, negative thoughts from your life. I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream that was plagued by severe insecurities, anxiety and self-doubt due to the techniques found in Barbara's book. I highly recommend it!" -Amy W., Seattle, WA

Two Free Bonuses Come With This Book!

- A companion Mind Loops Workbook

- An mp3 audiobook of Ireland reading, "The 7-Day Mental Diet: How To Change Your Life In a Week" by Dr. Emmet Fox - an inspiring and motivational "read" to start your program!

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Lançado 29 de julho de 2016
ISBN13 9781535089548
Editoras Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
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