Tea Leaf Fortune Cards - Rae Hepburn - Livros - U.S. Games - 9781572816701 - 18 de outubro de 2011
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Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Rae Hepburn

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Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Tea-leaf reading is an age-old custom that spans many cultures and nationalities, from the misty highlands of Scotland to the sun-baked Greek Islands. Since tea itself was discovered thousands of years ago, tea drinkers have been drawn to the foretelling shapes formed by the leaves settling in a cup and to the inexplicable metaphysical energy that surrounds them. Now, for the first time, this irresistible package makes the complicated skill of tea-leaf reading accessible to anyone, whether to foretell the coming day, week, or year, or to find out more about a certain life topic.

With 200 illustrated cards, each portraying a traditional symbol in tea-leaf reading, along with a discussion of the history of tea, how to read tea-leaf fortunes, and interpretive information on the 200 symbols, Tea Leaf Fortune Cards are perfect to use alone or in a group - a fun, fascinating way to discover what the future holds - to plan for it and to correct course. The first package of its kind - 200 illustrated cards teach the timeless art of tea-leaf reading

Cards feature the universal symbols and meanings commonly found in tea leaf reading - now everyone can read their fortune.

98 pages, Full Colour Illustrations throughout

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Lançado 18 de outubro de 2011
ISBN13 9781572816701
Editoras U.S. Games
Páginas 200
Dimensões 133 × 194 × 50 mm   ·   674 g
Idioma English  

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