Survival Communications in Pennsylvania: Central Region - John Parnell - Livros - Tutor Turtle Press LLC - 9781625120717 - 30 de outubro de 2012
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Survival Communications in Pennsylvania: Central Region

John Parnell

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Survival Communications in Pennsylvania: Central Region

Perhaps you have prepared for WTSHTF or TEOTWAWKI with respect to food, water, self-defense and shelter. But what about communication? Whenever there is a disaster (hurricane, earthquake, economic collapse, nuclear war, EMF, solar eruption, etc.), the normal means of communication that we?re all reliant upon (cell phone, land line phone, the Internet, etc.) will probably be, at best, sporadic and at worst, non-existent. As this author sees it, short of smoke signals and mirrors, there are three options for communication in ?trying times?: (1) GMRS or FRS radios; (2) CB radios; and (3) ham or amateur radio. In this book he considers each of these options to come up with the most acceptable one. Included in this volume are the names and addresses of the approximately 10,500 FCC licensed amateur operators in the Central Region of Pennsylvania, organized by city, then sorted by street, then sorted by house number ... just in case.

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 30 de outubro de 2012
ISBN13 9781625120717
Editoras Tutor Turtle Press LLC
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