Ana's Wisdom - Leadership Recipes - Angeles Martinez Valenciano - Bøger - Pukiyari Editores/Publishers - 9781630651435 - September 8, 2021

Ana's Wisdom - Leadership Recipes

Angeles Martinez Valenciano

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Ana's Wisdom - Leadership Recipes

This book is filled with practical advice for immigrants seeking success in the United States. In it, Ãngeles M. Valenciano goes deep into her soul to reveal to the readers her most intimate relationships and experiences, the ones that shaped and transformed her, ultimately leading her from her humble beginnings in San Luis Potosí, México, to becoming an international authority in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Built on the wisdom given to her by her mother, Ana María Sánchez Quiroz, throughout her life and on the recipes shared with her while she began her journey as a professional and became an immigrant in the United States, Ãngeles M. Valenciano manages to create specific leadership recipes for those who seek to achieve great things in a country other than their own. "Ana's Wisdom - Leadership Recipes" is a wonderful ode to those who seek to do good for all human beings.

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Lançado September 8, 2021
ISBN13 9781630651435
Editoras Pukiyari Editores/Publishers
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