Tearmoon Empire: Volume 8 - Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel) - Nozomu Mochitsuki - Livros - J-Novel Club - 9781718374478 - 8 de abril de 2023
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Tearmoon Empire: Volume 8 - Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel)

Nozomu Mochitsuki

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Tearmoon Empire: Volume 8 - Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel)

Mia reclines and flips open the Princess Chronicles, wondering what new developments it has in store, when her eyes leap to a certain line: "Sion Sol Sunkland perished in his youth." Needless to say, she does not remain recumbent for long. How could this possibly be?!

Though he may be infuriating at times, Sion is an ally, a classmate, and most importantly...a friend. She needs to warn him; if she can't save him personally-which, let's face it, is unlikely given her limited faculties-then he can at least save himself.

When Esmeralda complains about a marriage proposal from a Sunkland noble, Mia inserts herself and her friends into the entourage, and they make for Sunkland.

Will Mia be able to avert Sion's death, or will the future refuse to budge?

400 pages, 1 color Foldout 10 Black and White

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 8 de abril de 2023
ISBN13 9781718374478
Editoras J-Novel Club
Páginas 400
Dimensões 182 × 128 × 17 mm   ·   268 g
Idioma English  
Tradutor Teng, David

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