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Fairy Tales and Poems

Mike Pearce

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Fairy Tales and Poems

A very wicked witch had lost one of her cats who ran away. In this first story she found it eventually, but forced it to live in her nursery rhyme book forever. While inside it ran amuck so that the rhymes were never the same as before. The second story is also about cats and the arrival of a new cat. Disaster occurs from fracking in the area and one cat is missing. Will it ever be found? It doesn't seem likely. The third story concerns a small boy called Daniel who tries unsuccessfully to win a small bear on an arcade machine. He eventually succeeds on Christmas Eve but an accident means he loses this treasured possession, but has he? A man was born with a long neck a very long neck and how he managed to survive everyday life and his encounter with a giant who lived on the side of the valley is told in story four. In the sixth story Lord Eden and his wife cannot afford to keep their manor house running. A great storm bringing down the large stone cockerel from the parapet and changing all their lives forever. Most people would like a pot of gold, but things are not always as they seem. This seventh story tells of a mother and son who become rich, but a golden life has its consequences. The eighth story is about of an old gentleman who goes to a local hospital for an examination and ends up being faced with different challenges in rooms of balls as he travels through a series of rooms and tunnels in search of the golden ball which was taken from him. In this ninth story a small population of humans remained on the earth but were only a few millimetres tall. They found themselves trapped within a piece of wood patrolled by hungry insects. This tenth story is about a little fruit that cannot fly away and is vulnerable to being ridiculed or eaten by other creatures. Have you ever felt sleepy? In the eleventh story twins have had a spell put on them which made them sleep at the same time. Would they find some solution before they both slept all day long for the rest of their lives? Mrs Light and Mr Dark are in the twelfth story. What happened when Mrs Light left for good? We take bathrooms in hotels for granted. Lots of things travel down holes in the bathroom but no one would expect when opening the door, to enter another world as in the thirteenth story. Tulips out in June? This fourteenth story is about a tulip tree and how it changed those around it. In this fifteenth story George was a sprinter but one day fell in love and stopped sprinting. His love was not what one would imagine but things were about to change. This final section has a fantastic variety of short stories and funny poems developed from young children's wild imaginationIf you want a good bedtime read for your children to take them into the world of fantasy and fun then this section is the one for you. There are many different examples of fantasy and imagination included in this volume as well as short poems and stories for children Enjoy

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