Maiden Voyage - Bruce Dickinson - Livros - MUSIC PRESS BOOKS - 9781786060310 - 1 de abril de 2017
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Maiden Voyage

Bruce Dickinson

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Maiden Voyage

Bruce Dickinson is the mighty voice behind legendary heavy metal behemoths Iron Maiden, and many more things besides. A world-class fencer, veteran pilot and one of the most acclaimed rock vocalists of all time, there is no one else like him. Prior to joining Maiden in 1981 for their seminal, multi-million selling Number of the Beast - one of the most influential records in the history of Heavy Metal - Dickinson enjoyed stardom with fellow New Wave Of British Heavy Metal artists Samson, while his post-Maiden solo career also brought much critical success. Not content to merely continue shaping the face of metal music, Dickinson is a true renaissance man: a world-class member of the British Fencing team; a best-selling fiction author; a keen military historian; a TV presenter; and also a first officer for commercial airline Astreus. Yet in 2015, the voice, and the life, of Iron Maiden's singer were placed in the cruellest jeopardy as he was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized cancerous tumour on his tongue.But after making a full recovery, Iron Maiden have released an acclaimed sixteenth album, The Book of Souls, announced a world tour and stand astride the pantheon of metal greats, and Bruce stands astride the pantheon of metal greats once more.

This first biography of Bruce Dickinson and tells his story through exclusive interviews with those who know him best: from his formative days straddling the upsurge of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, through his solo years and right up to his present day legendary status as Iron Maiden's frontman.

288 pages

Mídia Livros     Book
Lançado Storbritannien, 1 de abril de 2017
Data do lançamento original 2016
ISBN13 9781786060310
Editoras MUSIC PRESS BOOKS 9781786060310
Genre Metal
Páginas 288
Dimensões 197 × 129 × 35 mm   ·   294 g
Idioma English  

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