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Tommy Emmanuel's Fingerstyle Guitar Milestones

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel's Fingerstyle Guitar Milestones

Master Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Technique - Tommy Emmanuel Style!

In his new book Fingerstyle Guitar Milestones, he breaks down his acoustic guitar technique and teaches it to you, pick by pick! It is perfect for the early intermediate player who wants to develop thumb and finger independence for ultimate fingerstyle guitar technique.

What You'll Learn

Fingerstyle Guitar Milestones is divided into four clear milestones that highlight the essential components of his style. Each one teaches you great acoustic guitar technique and real music you can play immediately.

Milestone 1: Guitars, Gear and Mindset

Discover how Tommy thinks about everything from selecting guitars and thumbs picks, to how he approaches learning and memorizing songs. You'll quickly understand what you should look for in your own gear and how to map your learning timeline.

Milestone 2: Mastering the "Boom Chick"

Gain masterful command of your thumb picking and learn all the steps to create Tommy's signature percussive basslines. You'll start with open position etudes then build up to barre chords and moveable patterns that help you access the whole fretboard.

Milestone 3: Adding the Fingers

Learn how to use the picking fingers to add melody and inner voices to your thumb work. You'll build a repertoire of useful arpeggio patterns and syncopated rhythms to add new textures to your solo and accompaniment playing.

Milestone 4: Learning Songs

Now it's time to combine all your new skills and learn to play three beautiful acoustic fingerstyle pieces. Each piece is broken down with slow and fast playthroughs as well as additional exercises to help you master them.

The Complete Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Course from a Modern Master

Tommy Emmanuel's Fingerstyle Guitar Milestones gives unparalleled insight into the technical approach of a modern-day master guitarist.

Through a series of carefully conceived exercises and etudes, you will build perfect fingerstyle technique from the ground up.

Learn how to train the thumb to lock-in perfect basslinesDevelop great timekeeping to always play in the pocketMaster true thumb / finger independenceDiscover Tommy's method of creating syncopated rhythms that really grooveAdd stand-out embellishments to enhance your performance

Learn Three Fantastic Performance Pieces

Each exercise and etude combines to help you master three of Tommy's favorite tunes that help you to become an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist. Tommy even walks you through each piece and describes how to play any tricky parts!

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greatest acoustic guitarists on the planet - If you're ready to learn fingerstyle guitar, you owe it to yourself to learn from a master.

104 pages

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado February 9, 2021
ISBN13 9781789330120
Páginas 104
Dimensões 279 × 215 × 13 mm   ·   278 g
Idioma English  

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