Don't Ask Forever-My Love Affair With Elvis - Joyce Bova - Livros - Outskirts Press - 9781977242686 - 10 de abril de 2021
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Don't Ask Forever-My Love Affair With Elvis

Joyce Bova

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Don't Ask Forever-My Love Affair With Elvis

In this updated version of her original memoir "Don't Ask Forever", which chronicles her love affair with the "King of Rock and Roll" Elvis Presley, Joyce Bova adds a personal chapter and many more photos. This is the fantasy story of every girl's dream. Joyce's fantasy came true one starry night in Las Vegas in 1969 when she met and fell in love with the incomparable megastar. The 24-year old was working for the prestigious House of Representatives Armed Services Committee in Washington, D. C. She had hobnobbed with her fair share of famous and powerful men, but no one left her breathless her like Elvis. She had watched the show from Presley's private booth, was invited backstage and then dined with the King and his entourage in a garish hotel suite. Her association and his fascination with law enforcement, politics and the military formed a perfect storm. Concerned about her status on Capitol Hill, she chose to confide in a few close friends, including of course, her twin sister, Janice. Being an identical twin plays an important role in her relationship with Elvis, because he was born an identical twin as well. After a rocky start Elvis and Joyce finally consummate their relationship. It was a romance that lasted almost three years during which Joyce would feel happiness beyond her wildest dreams and overwhelming heartbreak that included her pregnancy with Elvis's child. Within the pages of her book she details what life was like with the superstar and the "man", describing the ups and downs (literally), mood swings, medical problems and exhilarating, heart-pounding performances in Vegas and on tour. She recounts the truth behind the Presley/Nixon meeting in December 1970 and the fact that Elvis was in D. C. to find her after a nasty argument in Vegas, and that Nixon was an afterthought. "Don't Ask Forever" tells about life at Graceland, the antics of the Memphis Mafia and, finally, Joyce's realization that Presley had fallen victim to prescription drugs. You will laugh and cry at Joyce's candid and revealing story. It is an intimate but vivid portrait of the "brightest star that will continue to shine forever". A must read for every Elvis fan.

448 pages

Mídia Livros     Hardcover Book   (Livro com lombada e capa dura)
Lançado 10 de abril de 2021
ISBN13 9781977242686
Editoras Outskirts Press
Páginas 448
Dimensões 239 × 161 × 41 mm   ·   966 g
Idioma English  

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