A Study of Blood Flow in Normal and Dilated Aorta - Debanjan Deep - Bøger - LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing - 9783659561399 - July 8, 2014
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A Study of Blood Flow in Normal and Dilated Aorta

Debanjan Deep

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A Study of Blood Flow in Normal and Dilated Aorta

Atherosclerotic lesions of human beings are common diagnosed in regions of arte- rial branching and curvature. The prevalence of atherosclerosis is usually associated with hardening and ballooning of aortic wall surfaces because of narrowing of flow path by the deposition of fatty materials, platelets and influx of plasma through in- timal wall of Aorta. High Wall Shear Stress (WSS) is proved to be the main cause behind all these aortic diseases by physicians and researchers. Due to the fact that the atherosclerotic regions are associated with complex blood flow patterns, it has believed that hemodynamics and fluid-structure interaction play important roles in regulating atherogenesis. As one of the most complex flow situations found in cardio- vascular system due to the strong curvature effects, irregular geometry, tapering and branching, and twisting, theoretical prediction and in vivo quantitative experimental data regarding to the complex blood flow dynamics are substantial paucity. In recent years, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has emerged as a popular research tool to study the characteristics of aortic flow and aim to enhance the understanding of the underlying physics

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