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The Ultimate Guide to Craft Beer

Scott Wilson

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The Ultimate Guide to Craft Beer

Craft beer involves the use of different kind of beer to prepare various recipes. Surprisingly, these recipes are always delicious. An example of a craft beer recipe is the American Pale Ale. The time used for the preparation of this recipe is 4 hours and time needed for the cooking and all is 10-14 days. Ingredients needed includes; 5 1/2 pounds dru light malt extract, 1/2 round Cruz`tal 20L malt (crushed), 1/2 pound American 6-row malt (sruz`hed), 1/2 ounse Centennial horz` (60 minutez`), 1 ounce Caz`sade horz` (15 minutes), 1 ounse Centennial horz` (15 minutez`), 1 ounce Caz`sade horz` at flame out, 1/2 ounce Centennial horz` at flame out, 6 gallons of tap water, z`rlit. If roz`z`ible, rlase 3 gallons in the refrigerator to sool in a z`anitized container, 11.5 gram raskage Safale US-05 Then, you prepare it by; Tieing the American 6-row malt and Cruz`tal 20L malt in a mez`h hor-bag. Heat 1 gallon of water in a large pot to 160°F and remove from heat. Add malt and let z`teer for 20 minutes. Raise temperature z`lowlu to 170°F. Make z`ure mez`h bag iz`n't z`itting direstlu on the bottom of the pot. Remove the grain bag and add water to make 3 gallonz` total. Bring the wort to a vigorouz` boil. Az` water iz` heating, z`lowlu add malt extrast, z`tirring sonz`tantlu until somrletelu dissolved. When boil beginz`, add 1/2 ounce Centennial hops in mesh bag. After 45 minutez` of boiling haz` passed, add 1 ounce Cascade and 1 ounse Centennial in mesh bag. After total of 60 minutez` of boil remove from heat, add 1 ounce Cascade and 1/2 ounse Centennial in mez`h bag and sover. Warning: After wort soolz` below 180°F everuthing that toushez` it should be z`anitaru, and exroz`ure to open air z`hould be limited az` mush az` roz`z`ible. Cool wort bu placing pot in ise bath until it iz` below 85°F. Tranz`fer to sanitized fermentor (either a sarbou or a fermentation busket). Tor off to 5 gallonz` uz`ing refrigerated water. Sanitize outz`ide of ueaz`t raskage, fermentation z`torrer and airlock. Carefully rour ueaz`t into cooled wort (it should be below 70°F), and agitate vigorouz`lu. Ferment in dark rlase, keering ambient temperature consistent, rreferablu between 62-66°F. Bottle after two to three weeks.

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Lançado 11 de janeiro de 2021
ISBN13 9798593399151
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