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The Power of Reciprocity

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The Power of Reciprocity

Nature operates as innocently as a child. It's the works of humanity that change nature to better or worse. Natural resources, with all their beauty, await humanity. The tranquil nature of the world, such as birds in the sky, awaits humankind. But human operations and management have changed the world, and their impact is what we're experiencing now. We tactically and intentionally foster our relationships as we do a game of chess; we hold the power, recruit, train, control, and win over our seemingly weaker brethren.

We are a mix of generations in this 21st century: Baby Boomers and older people, Gen-Xers and Millennials, all trying to live for something. You oftentimes read and even see people go on protesting and appealing to some companies to practice their social responsibilities. But how do other stakeholders-men and women, young and old, parents and other leaders-also live their core human values for generations to come? Is it about taking control at the expense of others or making a positive impact? I try to unearth and open us to the known, toward the unknown.

The Power of Reciprocity is a daily reminder for our living: to contribute something to the starving world. Once our planet is well-fed, all will enjoy a wonderful climate. When we've moved from pollution to solution, the world will laugh again. Once individuals change from their existing consumerist behaviors, we shall return to our original harmonic nature. Nature itself teaches us to give in order to receive. When a seed is planted and the soil nourishes the seed, it produces more similar fruits and seeds. My reflection on the title of the book is that a behavior that is rewarded must be given maximum thumbs-up for continuity, whereas a punitive behavior should be eschewed in the most emphatic way. This book is about positive reciprocity.
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