Wesley Snipes - 6 Pack Collection - (UK-Version evtl. keine dt. Sprache) - Filmes - Sony Pictures - 5051159923240 - 19 de setembro de 2011
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Wesley Snipes - 6 Pack Collection

(UK-Version evtl. keine dt. Sprache)

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Wesley Snipes - 6 Pack Collection

In 7 SECONDS, novice thief John Tuliver steals a highly valuable Van Gogh painting by mistake and it is his partner Kelly Anders who takes the heat. As gangsters in search of the artwork kidnap Kelly, John becomes her only hope for survival.
In UNSTOPPABLE, an Army Special Ops soldier gets injected with a powerful mind-control drug which allows people to alter his reality after being mistaken for a government agent. He must search for the antidote, while fighting the illusions that the drug generates.
In THE MARKSMAN, Chechen terrorists threaten to detonate a nuclear plant, destroying two world powers and thousands of civilians. The U. S. government calls in the best man they can find to get the job done. Wesley Snipes (BLADE: TRINITY) is the Marksman, a highly-trained special agent called in to take out the plant before the rebels can reach it. Undertaking a dangerous endeavor to infiltrate the plant, the Marksman manages to put a target inside for an American missile strike. Afterwards he uncovers evidence that he was set up, and it's the missiles that will trip the live reactor. Now the Marksman and his elite team must race against time in order to stop the mission they themselves have initiated.
In THE CONTRACTOE, a retired assassin comes back for one last job when he learns of a deadly terrorist on the loose in London. But he's forced into hiding after being framed for a murder he didn't commit and he teams up with a pre-teen girl in order to prove his innocence.
In THE DETONATOR, Wesley Snipes (BLADE, TO WONG FOO THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JULIE NEWMAR) stars as a CIA agent acting as bodyguard to a beautiful Russian woman who has become the target of a gang of merciless gun-runners.
In HARD LUCK, Lucky is an ex-dealer trying to go straight. His intentions are thwarted when he stumbles upon a large stash of stolen drugs, and his path converges with that of Cass, a housewife with a dark side.


Mídia Filmes     DVD × 6
Lançado 19 de setembro de 2011
EAN/UPC 5051159923240
Gravadora Sony Pictures CDRP9232N
Genre Diversos
Dimensões 208 g
Código de região Region 2   (Europa)
Idioma English  
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