NCIS Los Angeles Season 11 - Ncis: Los Angeles Season 11 - Filmes - Paramount Pictures - 5053083219475 - 17 de agosto de 2020
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NCIS Los Angeles Season 11

Ncis: Los Angeles Season 11

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 11

All 22 episodes from the eleventh season of the spin-off crime drama starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J. Set in the Office of Special Projects, a crack team of government agents operating outside the military chain of command, the series follows the team as they assume false identities and utilise the most advanced technology to investigate international crimes from murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines. In this season, the team must divide up to handle cases all over the world and Callen and Sam (O'Donnell and LL Cool J) are sent to track down spies who have infiltrated the USS Allegiance.

The episodes are: 'Let Fate Decide', 'Decoy', 'Hail Mary', 'Yellow Jack', 'Provenance', 'A Bloody Brilliant Plan', 'Concours D'Elegance', 'Human Resources', 'Kill Beale: Vol. 1', 'Mother', 'Answers', 'Groundwork', 'High Society', 'Commitment Issues', 'The Circle', 'Alsiyadun', 'Watch Over Me', 'Missing Time', 'Fortune Favors the Brave', 'Knock Down', 'Murder of Crows' and 'Code of Conduct'.

Mídia Filmes     DVD
Lançado 17 de agosto de 2020
EAN/UPC 5053083219475
Gravadora Paramount Pictures 8321947
Dimensões 139 × 193 × 19 mm   ·   182 g
Código de região Region 2   (Europa)
Idioma English  
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