Judas Maccabeus - G.F. Handel - Musik - ACCENT - 4015023264106 - January 4, 2019

Judas Maccabeus

G.F. Handel

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Judas Maccabeus

Judas Maccabeus is an album by G. F. Handel, released in 2019. The album is a classical 2-CD.


Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto) × 2
Compositor Händel
Lançado January 4, 2019
EAN/UPC 4015023264106
Gravadora ACCENT ACR26410.2
Genre Choral Music
Dimensões 126 g
Maestro Laurence Cummings
Orquestra Ndr Chor / Festspielorchester Gottingen


  1. 1.   CD  

    1. Festspielorchester Gottingen; Laurence Cummings -
    2. Overture
    3. Chorus: Mourn, Ye Afflicted Children
    4. Recitative: Well May Your Sorrows
    5. Duet: from This Dread Scene
    6. Chorus: for Sion Lamentation Make
    7. Recitative: Not Vain is All This Storm of Grief
    8. Air: Pious Orgies
    9. Chorus: Oh Father, Whose Almighty Power
    10. Recitative: I Feel, I Feel the Deity Within
    11. Air: Arm, Arm, Ye Brave - Chorus: We Come, We Come
    12. Recitative: 'tis Well, My Friends
    13. Air: Call Forth Thy Powers
    14. Recitative: to Heaven's Almighty King We Kneel
    15. Air: Oh Liberty, Thou Choicest Treasure
    16. Air: Come, Ever-smiling Liberty
    17. Recitative: Oh Judas, May These Noble Views Inspir
    18. Duet: Come, Ever-smiling Liberty
    19. Chorus: Lead On, Lead on
    20. Recitative: So Willed My Father, Now at Rest - Acc
    21. Chorus: Disdainful of Danger
    22. Recitative: Ambition! if Ever Honour Was Thine Aim
    23. Chorus: Hear Us, Oh Lord
    24. Chorus: Fallen is the Foe
    25. Recitative: Victorious Hero
    26. Air: So Rapid Thy Course is
    27. Recitative: Oh Let Eternal Honours Crown His Name
    28. Air: from Mighty Kings He Took the Spoil
    29. Duet: Hail, Hail, Judea, Happy Land - Chorus: Hail
    30. Recitative: Thanks to My Brethren
    31. Air: How Vain is Man, Who Boasts in Fight
    32. Recitative: Oh Judas! Oh My Brethren
  2. 2.   CD  

    1. Air: Ah! Wretched Israel - Chorus: Ah! Wretched is
    2. Recitative: Be Comforted
    3. Air: the Lord Worketh Wonders
    4. Recitative: My Arms! Against This Gorgias Will I G
    5. Air: Sound an Alarm - Chorus: We Hear
    6. Recitative: Enough! to Heaven We Leave the Rest
    7. Air: with Pious Hearts
    8. Recitative: Ye Worshippers of God
    9. Recitative: No More in Sion
    10. Duet: Oh! Never, Never Bow We Down - Chorus: We Ne
    11. Air: Father of Heaven
    12. Accompanied Recitative: See, See Yon Flames
    13. Recitative: Oh Grant It, Heaven
    14. Air: So Shall the Lute & Harp Awake
    15. Recitative: from Capharsalama
    16. Recitative: Yet More
    17. March
    18. Chorus: Sing Unto God
    19. Recitative: Sweet Flow the Strains
    20. Air: with Honour Let Desert Be Crowned
    21. Recitative: Peace to My Countrymen
    22. Chorus: to Our Great God
    23. Recitative: Again to Earth Let Gratitude Descend
    24. Duet: Oh Lovely Peace
    25. Air: Rejoice, Oh Judah
    26. Chorus: Hallelujah! Amen

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