Seasons End - Marillion - Música - PLG UK CLASSICS - 5054197384783 - 19 de maio de 2023
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Seasons End 2023 Deluxe edition


Seasons End 2023 Deluxe edition

On 19th May, 2023, Marillion will release the deluxe edition of Seasons End. Packed full of tonnes of bonus content, the album has had a fresh 2023 Stereo Remix by Mike Hunter, alongside a new documentary on the 3CD/Blu-Ray, liner notes by Rich Wilson, and brand-new artwork.

Originally released in 1989, Seasons End was Marillion's fifth studio album and first with Steve Hogarth fronting the band, following the departure of former frontman Fish. The album was co-produced by the band and Nick Davis, who also worked with the likes of Genesis, Mike + The Mechanics and more. It spawned three singles; Hooks In You, The Uninvited Guest and Easter which all went on to chart in the UK.

As well as a change in vocals, Seasons End also marked a change in visual identity with the band, which has been reflected in the 2023 deluxe edition of the album.

The 2023 Deluxe Edition has taken on another new approach, which took some of the original artwork elements without the need for older logos and imagery - presented in a slightly different form. Based around the four main elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water, from the original cover concept, the rectangular panels became triangular as these elements are often depicted in symbology. The panels are sat in a background with an abstract representation of the space out of which these elements are born, giving it all a more universal feel. A whole range of new images were then created for each of the ten tracks using the same abstract painted collage style to tie it all together as content for these extended art books that accompany the 2023 releases.

Included within the 3CD/Blu-ray deluxe edition is the brand-new, riveting Seasons Change documentary, with in-depth interviews with the band documenting the process of Seasons End. The Blu-Ray also contains a documentary from the time From Stoke Row to Ipanema, alongside a collection of B-sides, early versions, demos, a bootleg concert from Montreal in 1990, and the spectacular promo videos for Hooks In You, Easter and The Uninvited Guest upgraded to HD.

Mídia Música     CD/Blu-ray   (CD e Blu-ray) × 4
Lançado 19 de maio de 2023
EAN/UPC 5054197384783
Genre Rock
Dimensões 360 g


  1. 1.   CD   Seasons End (2023 Remix)

    1. The King of Sunset Town
    2. Easter
    3. The Uninvited Guest
    4. Seasons End
    5. Holloway Girl
    6. Berlin
    7. After Me
    8. Hooks in You
    9. The Space...
  2. 2.   CD   Live at the De Montfort Hall - 29th May 2022

    1. The King of Sunset Town (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    2. Easter (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    3. The Uninvited Guest (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    4. Seasons End (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    5. Holloway Girl (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    6. Berlin (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    7. After Me (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    8. Hooks in You (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    9. The Space...(live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
  3. 3.   CD   Live at the De Montfort Hall - 29th May 2022

    1. Gaza (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
    2. The Leavers (Live at De Montfort Hall 29-5-22)
  4. 4.   Blu-ray   Seasons End + B-Sides, Demos & Early Versions + Montreal Bootleg

    1. Seasons End - 2023 Remix
    2. Seasons End - 48/24 Stereo Lpcm
    3. Seasons End - Dts-hd Master Audio 5.1
    4. Strings Groove (Dalnagar Castle, August 1988)
    5. String Groove (With Synths, Dalnager Castle, August 1988)
    6. Amsterdam (The Space Demo, March 1989)
    7. Easter (Demo, March 1989)
    8. Hooks in You (Early Version, March 1989)
    9. At End of the Day (The Release, Early Version, March 1989)
    10. Sunset Town (M8 Idea H Dictaphone, March 1989)
    11. The Uninvited Guest (12" Mix)
    12. The Bell in the Sea
    13. The Release
    14. The King of a Sunset Town (Demo)
    15. Holloway Girl (Demo)
    16. Seasons End (Demo)
    17. The Uninvited Guest (Demo)
    18. Berlin (Demo)
    19. Bell in the Sea (Demo)
    20. The King of Sunset Town (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-
    21. Slainte Mhath (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    22. Script for a Jester's Tear (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2
    23. The Uninvited Guest (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1
    24. Easter (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    25. Warm Wet Circles (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990
    26. That Time of the Night (The Short Straw) (Montreal Bootleg,
    27. Holloway Girl (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    28. Berlin (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    29. Seasons End (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    30. Kayleigh (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    31. Lavender (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    32. Heart of Lothian (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990
    33. Hooks in You (Montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    34. The Space...(montreal Bootleg, Le Spectrum, 2/3-02-1990)
    35. Blu-ray Video Content:
    36. Seasons Change - Documentary Film (83mins)
    37. From Stoke Row to Ipanema - Documentary Film (63mins)
    38. Hooks in You (Promo Video)
    39. Easter (Promo Video)
    40. The Uninvited Guest (Promo Video)

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