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Paris Concertos

A. Vivaldi

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Paris Concertos

The German patrician von Uffenbach, during a visit to Venice for the carnival of 1715, at long last managed to meet with Vivaldi and order from him "10 concerti grossi". Three days later, the composer reappeared with all of the requested music, assuring his patron that it had been expressly composed for him. Vivaldi was unquestionably a

very quick composer, but he was also a barefaced and extremely capable promoter of his own talents. The collection of twelve concertos for strings, now preserved in Paris, also has all the earmarks of having been a rapidly and cleverly assembled series of previously composed works, with very little new music added. This same modus operandi would mark the genesis of op. 10 and many other collections by Vivaldi.


Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto)
Compositor Vivaldi,Antonio
Lançado November 1, 2019
EAN/UPC 8007194107135
Gravadora TACTUS TCS672260.2
Genre Baroque Music
Dimensões 94 g
Orquestra Modo Antiquo
Solista Federico Maria Sardelli

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