Endeligt - Nortt - Música - Avantgarde Music - 8033224113289 - 13 de setembro de 2019
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Endeligt Limited edition


Endeligt Limited edition

For those who fear funeral doom but have great interest in black metal, you might already know Nortt by name or reputation. What scares most away from funeral doom doesn't apply with Nortt and from the beginning he has kept his records under an hour long; most Nortt releases are around 45 minutes. So, with an uncanny ability to cut the fat and still remain slow and atmospheric his music still remains highly digestible and minimalist all the same. In fact 'Endeligt' is minimal in the sense that it resembles the fainter gloom of 'Graven' and 'Galgenfrist' more than the keyboard-synth and droning guitars of 'Gudsforladt'. Of course this means that nuclear-digitized guitar distortion of 'Ligfærd' is nowhere to be found unfortunately. For my taste 'Ligfærd' was that outsider art moment for Nortt where he defied the cleaner, warmer production for stark and real funeral doom influence though it's not a requirement for my enjoyment.


Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto)
Specielt cover Digipak
Lançado 13 de setembro de 2019
EAN/UPC 8033224113289
Gravadora Avantgarde Music AVGE328.2
Genre Metal
Dimensões 72 g

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