Dilma Rousseff - Catherine Chambers - Bøger - Pearson Education Limited - 9781406273984 - January 30, 2014

Dilma Rousseff

Catherine Chambers

Dilma Rousseff

What makes Dilma Rousseff extraordinary? Read this book to find out. We explore her early years, including her developing interest in events and problems in her country. We look at the road to her significant political accomplishments, peaking with her role as the first female president of Brazil.

Read about others' perspectives on her life, how her life has been different to women in the past (including her own family), and how she has broken political and social boundaries.

Mídia Livros     Hardcover Book   (Livro com lombada e capa dura)
Lançado January 30, 2014
ISBN13 9781406273984
Editoras Pearson Education Limited
Páginas 48
Dimensões 156 × 218 × 10 mm   ·   232 g

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