Nineteen Eighty-Four Blu-Ray + - Rudolph Cartier - Filmes - British Film Institute - 5035673014455 - 11 de abril de 2022
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Nineteen Eighty-Four Blu-Ray +

Rudolph Cartier

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Nineteen Eighty-Four Blu-Ray +

Made-for-TV version of Orwell's classic dystopian novel. Set in a future world where Britain is known as Airstrip One and its people are ruled by 'The Party', headed by someone known only as Big Brother, Winston (Peter Cushing) works in the Ministry of Truth rewriting old newspaper articles. He secretly hates the party and has thoughts of rebellion, illegal in the tyrannical state where independent thinking is forbidden.

But as he falls more in love with a fellow like-minded member named Julia (Yvonne Mitchell), the couple seek to end the party's control of their fellow subjects. Will the non-conformists be able to escape the all-seeing eye of the state or will they be persecuted and tortured for their actions?

Mídia Filmes     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Número de discos 2
Lançado 11 de abril de 2022
EAN/UPC 5035673014455
Gravadora British Film Institute BFIB1445
Dimensões 135 × 174 × 18 mm   ·   140 g
Tempo de reprodução 01:47:00
Código de região Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Idioma English  
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