Gang of Four - Jacques Rivette - Film - Bluebell Films - 5051083007962 - January 28, 2008
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Gang of Four

Jacques Rivette

R$ 70,90
Data de envio estimada Jun 20 - 30

Gang of Four

Jacques Rivette's elusive, disquieting drama that many considered to herald his second wind as one of the great French filmmakers. The plot concerns a number of drama students who encounter the same mysterious man, who tells them each a different story about a friend in danger. The inherent theatricality of the drama students plays into the film's aura of unresolved menace, where conspiracy is so pervasive that it is essentially invisible.

The film intentionally creates an air of mystery and paranoia designed to leave the viewer unsettled and grasping for explanations.

Mídia Filmes     DVD
Lançado Storbritannien, January 28, 2008
EAN/UPC 5051083007962
Gravadora Bluebell Films BLB016
Dimensões 192 × 144 × 17 mm   ·   88 g
Tempo de reprodução 02:40:00
Código de região Region 2   (Europa)
Idioma French  
Legendas English
Observe Este filme pode não estar legendado em Brazilian Portuguese

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