A Man's Word - Martin Jensen - Audiolivros - Brilliance Audio - 9781511311113 - 29 de setembro de 2015
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A Man's Word

Martin Jensen

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A Man's Word

Marc Notes: Originally published: En bondes ord: Klim, 2012.; Translated from the Danish. Publisher Marketing: The crime-solving duo known as the King s Hounds Halfdan and his master, Winston are investigating a possible plot against King Cnut by onetime enemy-turned-ally Jarl Thorkell. Joined on the arduous journey by Winston s woman, Alfilda, and Atheling, his cranky mule, they venture to the markets in Thetford to gather information. On the way, they meet a wealthy farmer who is seeking justice at the District Court against a thane accused of rape. When the thane tells a bald-faced lie in court, resulting in a dismissal of the charges, all hell breaks loose. In a time when noblemen are the law and they can t be trusted to be ethical, the law has no meaning. When the thane turns up dead, the tables turn and the accuser becomes the accused. Winston and Halfdan race to solve the crime before the region erupts in violence. Allegiances are tested and motives questioned in this captivating drama of justice and treachery in medieval England." Contributor Bio:  Jensen, Martin Bestselling Danish novelist Martin Jensen was born in 1946 and worked as a teacher and a headmaster in Sweden and Denmark before becoming a full-time writer in 1996. The author of twenty-one novels, he has been honored by the Danish Crime Academy twice and was awarded the Royal Library s Prize for his medieval novel Soldiers Whore. He and his wife are botany enthusiasts who also enjoy bird-watching and gathering mushrooms. Contributor Bio:  Chace, Tara Mike Lowery's work has been in galleries and publications worldwide, and he is currently working on several books for children. He lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit him at ArgyleAcademy.com."

Mídia Audiolivros     MP3-CD   (CD com arquivos MP3)
Número de discos 1
Lançado 29 de setembro de 2015
ISBN13 9781511311113
Gravadora Brilliance Audio
Dimensões 132 × 170 × 13 mm   ·   68 g

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