Focus on Grammar 2A Student - Schoenberg - Livros - Pearson Education (US) - 9780132862240 - 4 de janeiro de 2012
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Focus on Grammar 2A Student 4th edição


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Focus on Grammar 2A Student 4th edição

This pack consists of the Focus on Grammar 2A Student Book with a MyEnglishLab access code and Workbook 2A.


Focus on Grammar maintains the proven pedagogy that makes it the most popular contextualized grammar series worldwide. Its unique four-step approach takes students from context to communication ? blending content, reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking in a complete program, and preparing students to understand and use English more effectively.


Centered on thematic instruction Focus on Grammar allows students to interact with grammar in realistic contexts and moves them beyond controlled practice to authentic communication.


New features include:

  • Updated high-interest readings in multiple genres that expose students to the form, meaning, and use of grammar in natural contexts.
  • Key vocabulary is taught, practiced, and recycled throughout each unit, to ensure acquisition.
  • Fully redesigned grammar charts and notes that provide greater clarity.
  • Explicit pronunciation activities to improve fluency and accuracy.
  • Expanded listening tasks allow students to develop a range of listening skills.
  • Flexible, ongoing assessment ? including unit reviews, diagnostic and achievement tests, and test-generating software ? allows students to monitor their own progress and teachers to track students? mastery. (Test and test-generating software available in the Teacher?s Resource Pack, available separately.)

MyEnglishLab: Focus on Grammar, an easy-to-use online learning and assessment program, offers online homework and individualized instruction anywhere, anytime.

  • Allows teachers to assign extra practice, organize homework, and track students' progress using a flexible gradebook.
  • Includes hundreds of new automatically graded activities and assessments that support and go beyond the material in the Student Book.

MyEnglishLab: Focus on Grammar, includes the complete Student Book listening program as well.

Mídia Livros     Book
Lançado 4 de janeiro de 2012
ISBN13 9780132862240
Editoras Pearson Education (US)
Dimensões 211 × 277 × 18 mm   ·   771 g
Idioma English  

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