Theater and Human Flourishing - The Humanities and Human Flourishing -  - Livros - Oxford University Press Inc - 9780197622278 - 3 de abril de 2023
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Theater and Human Flourishing - The Humanities and Human Flourishing

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Theater and Human Flourishing - The Humanities and Human Flourishing

The Humanities and Human Flourishing series publishes edited volumes that explore the role of human flourishing in the central disciplines of the humanities, and whether and how the humanities can increase human happiness. This volume presents essays on the significance of theater to wellbeing and human flourishing. Combining scholarship in psychology and positive psychology with new perspectives in theater and performance studies, the volume features eleven prominent theater and performance studies scholars who offer original, previously unpublished examinations of the social benefits of theater and performance.

This volume explores the questions: Why is theater considered a "social good"? And what makes theatera valuable contribution to happiness and wellbeing?Contributors point to theater as a rich source of community and examine the unique value of live, theatrical performance as a medium through which trauma as well as socio-political differences can be expressed. The personal, societal, and artistic benefits of theater are examined through chapters on actors' suffering and acting training, community theater, theater and trauma, breaking social barriers through theater, etiquette in the theater, and the theatrical community as a refuge forminoritized groups. Like other titles in this series, Theater and Human Flourishing uses an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, which here breaches the divide between science-focused fields that study human flourishing and the artistry of theatrical performance.

312 pages

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 3 de abril de 2023
ISBN13 9780197622278
Editoras Oxford University Press Inc
Páginas 312
Dimensões 237 × 156 × 21 mm   ·   460 g
Editor Young, Harvey (Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Boston University)

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