Fitness is a Mind Game - Glenn Mollette - Livros - Milo House Press - 9780979062506 - 4 de janeiro de 2007
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Fitness is a Mind Game

Glenn Mollette

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Fitness is a Mind Game

Fitness Is A Mind Game. This book will help you lose weight and get your life into shape. Feeling and looking your best is daily management of balanced eating and activity. You don't have to knock yourself out to lose those pounds. This book will help you develop a daily lifestyle that will soon have you feeling better about yourself. Fitness begins in the mind. Most people experience a daily battle with eating too much and being apathetic about exercise. We daily have spiritual battles that will challenge us. The emotional, spiritual, mental battles of life war against us. If we win the battle of the mind we can win the battle of physical fitness. This book presents a lifestyle and a plan for successful weight loss and life management. When you read this book you'll know that a new you can be achieved. You will be on your way to becoming the person in mind and body of which you have only previously dreamed.

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 4 de janeiro de 2007
ISBN13 9780979062506
Editoras Milo House Press
Páginas 152
Dimensões 150 × 220 × 10 mm   ·   226 g
Idioma English  

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