Knights Of X - Tini Howard - Livros - Marvel Comics - 9781302934682 - 20 de dezembro de 2022
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Knights Of X

Tini Howard

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Knights Of X

The gates to Otherworld are closed -- and Captain Britain has found herself trapped on the wrong side! Usurpers Merlyn and King Arthur are now in control of the Lunatic Citadel. Furies the size of Sentinels raze villages to the ground in their hunt for the "witchbreed." Cut off from Krakoa, Betsy Braddock is Otherworld's only hero -- and to save her people, Betsy must recruit a round table of her own! The Knights of X gather to restore the rightful order and rescue desperate mutants -- but their quest is about to get so much bigger than that. Can they locate the holy grail of mutantkind? The fate of Otherworld lies at the center of mutantkind's future. Don't miss this essential piece of the new Krakoan era!

COLLECTING: Knights Of X (2022) 1-5

152 pages, 152 Illustrations, unspecified

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 20 de dezembro de 2022
ISBN13 9781302934682
Editoras Marvel Comics
Páginas 152
Dimensões 259 × 168 × 8 mm   ·   330 g
Idioma English  
Ilustrador Quinn, Bob

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