At Risk? Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing Early Risk: a Natural Medicine View - Rivkah Roth Do Dnm - Livros - Xlibris - 9781425761691 - 30 de agosto de 2008
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At Risk? Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing Early Risk: a Natural Medicine View

Rivkah Roth Do Dnm

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At Risk? Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing Early Risk: a Natural Medicine View

Diabetes is turning into a growing threat worldwide. Every ten seconds a person dies of diabetes or diabetes-related complications. At the same time two individuals are newly diagnosed. The diagnosis of diabetes represents not the beginning of the disease but a stage where cell destruction already is taking place. A diagnosis of diabetes shortens life expectancy by ten to twelve years. To date, mainstream medicine offers no cure. For this reason, prevention has become a hot topic; yet, most talk about prevention still misses the mark. Attempts at prevention address those already diagnosed with pre-diabetes-the last stage prior to full-blown diabetes and its complications. On the other hand, eight to fourteen years before you are diagnosed with diabetes your body starts showing warning signs. Research links over fifty health complaints to an increased risk of diabetes. This risk affects one in two people worldwide. In a world of medical specialization every one of those over fifty conditions is treated separately-and often by different professionals. The unfortunate outcome is that common tendencies and trends are missed; trends that might well have allowed for early risk recognition and avoidance of progressive and degenerative conditions. Avoiding diabetes may become possible if you recognize the signs and symptoms that serve as early warning signs. The best person to identify your risk early is you. At Risk? shows you what to look for. It helps you understand how your body functions and enables you to proactively move towards better health and perhaps a future free from diabetes and its complications. Mostly a lifestyle disease, diabetes is largely avoidable and so are many of the conditions leading up to it. While we regularly tune-up our car-and in between tune-ups make sure to top up the right fluid in the right receptacle-we tend to be negligent when it comes to our ultimate vehicle, our bo

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Lançado 30 de agosto de 2008
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