Usa: the Serpent is Crushed!: 9-11 - Kenneth Green - Livros - Trafford Publishing - 9781426913754 - 26 de outubro de 2009
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Usa: the Serpent is Crushed!: 9-11

Kenneth Green

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Usa: the Serpent is Crushed!: 9-11

In November, 2000, on a flight to New York City, Hank Brayden, who works for the United Nations, becomes associated with Jerry Ness, who is a security agent for the airline industry. At first, their acquaintance was cumbersome and stressed, but they eventually became quite close friends.

Jerry's company was funded by the Federal Government and his position was involved more with investigations than with security. His responsibilities were international in scope, not unlike those of CIA agents.

After 9/11, Jerry's operation was folded into the National Security Administration under Homeland Security, and Jerry convinced Hank to leave the UN and join him at NSA. Their assignments at their Counter Intelligence Units at NSA brought them close to uncovering a terrorist plot so enormous that the very existence of the United States is threatened.

Their missions unfold to witness the Jihad planned against the United States. Will they survive it?

Mídia Livros     Hardcover Book   (Livro com lombada e capa dura)
Lançado 26 de outubro de 2009
ISBN13 9781426913754
Editoras Trafford Publishing
Páginas 440
Dimensões 152 × 229 × 29 mm   ·   798 g
Idioma English  

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