The Healing Bouquet: Exploring Bach Flower Remedies - McCabe, Vinton (Vinton McCabe) - Livros - Basic Health Publications - 9781591200727 - 2008
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The Healing Bouquet: Exploring Bach Flower Remedies 1st edition

McCabe, Vinton (Vinton McCabe)

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The Healing Bouquet: Exploring Bach Flower Remedies 1st edition

In the early twentieth century, Dr. Edward Bach transformed his London medical practice from one that followed the precepts of traditional, or allopathic medicine to one that was deeply influenced by Samuel Hahnemann and his homeopathic philosophy. In the last seven years of his life, Bach left the city behind and moved to the English countryside, where he developed his own pharmacy of lhrity-eight natural essences, known today as the Bach Flower Remedies. As author Vinton McCabe writes in "The Healing Bouquet": "In picking plants and testing them, in considering the healing virtues of the plants that grew around him, Edward Bach was doing the same thing that the ancients had done. Just as ancient man had sought to identify just what plants, what soil, and what sap could possibly bing comfort to those who suffered with illness and free them from its grasp, Bach walked the fields in the last years of his life. He put aside all the medical knowlege he had accumulated in a lifetime of study in the finest schools and hospitals and, instead, trusted his ability to identify for himself the substances Nature had to offer to restore the sick to health." In "The Healing Bouquet", Vinton McCabe restores Edward Bach to his rightful position as a practitioner of homeopathic philosophy and writes about the remedies and their uses from the context of homeopathic medicine. This comprehensive book offers its readers an in-depth understanding of the nature of Bach's remedies and their myriad uses. More important, he gives a colorful character portrait for each of the remedies: portraits created with insight, humor, and an understanding of human emotions and behaviors that will allow you to identify yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers within its pages.

464 pages

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 2008
ISBN13 9781591200727
Editoras Basic Health Publications
Páginas 464
Dimensões 152 × 228 × 26 mm   ·   621 g
Idioma English  

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