We Are Not Alone - John Parnell - Livros - Tutor Turtle Press LLC - 9781625122889 - 15 de maio de 2017
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We Are Not Alone Large Type edition

John Parnell

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We Are Not Alone Large Type edition

During her first trip to the International Space Station (ISS), rookie astronaut Angela McGee spots a strange mass of lights. Communicators also pick up a tone which the military-trained Angela recognizes as a code. On another occasion, she sees a UFO, but it maneuvers away before she can take a video of it. Others dismiss her claims, telling her that space plays tricks on one's senses. When Angela finds a drawing of the UFO on the internet, its accuracy convinces her that she is not crazy. On her third mission, after receiving a new code, the ISS shakes violently. Her captain confiscates the records of the event. Fellow astronaut Yuri Barikoff reveals to Angela that he made the drawing. He advises her to keep quiet for her safety. We are not alone follows Angela's adventure to uncover the truth. During her travels, she is confronted by aliens, cover ups, murders, and conspiracies.

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 15 de maio de 2017
ISBN13 9781625122889
Editoras Tutor Turtle Press LLC
Páginas 334
Dimensões 152 × 229 × 18 mm   ·   449 g
Idioma English  

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