Electrical Measuring Instruments - Braun - Livros - Windham Press - 9781628450613 - 11 de junho de 2013
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Electrical Measuring Instruments


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Electrical Measuring Instruments

Electrical Measuring Instruments
a Complete Catalogue of Electrical Measuring and Test Instruments
Hartmann & Braun

This edition of our catalogue is far larger than our previous issues. Our endeavours to keep pace with all the improvements in Science and Practice, and our wish to facilitate the selection of the most suitable instrument for whatever purpose required, by furnishing a slight description of the necessary manipulation, have led to this increase; which we hope will cause this catalogue to serve as a book of reference when using the instruments described.

With the exception of the copies of Standards of the Imperial Physico-Technical Laboratory, nearly all our instruments have been entirely designed by our firm and their associates. The usual standard types of apparatus have been remodelled and improved, to bring them up to the present day requirements for measuring instruments. Some of Prof. Kohlrausch's valuable designs have also been remodelled in accordance with his suggestions; we have always made it our special endeavour in improving and remodelling our instruments, to make them as simple and convenient as possible, so that they may be used by comparatively unskilled hands without loss of time; and for this reason we have originated several direct reading instruments, to which we would especially draw the attention of all practical engineers.

Especial care is given to the calibration, adjustment and exact determination of Constants, for which purpose we have a very complete and carefully designed plant, comprising 4 Dynamos for direct currents up to 1500 amperes, three sets of large accumulators and one set of several hundred small ones also capable of discharging at the rate of 2000 amperes and at potentials up to 800 volts, in addition to a direct current motor transformer for potentials up to 2000 volts and electrostatic arrangements for higher potentials. For alternating current work within very wide limits, an alternating current dynamo with 3 transformers having a range up to 1000 amps and 10000 volts is employed.

Whilst using our very best endeavours to meet all the requirements of accuracy, convenience, and mechanical perfection in design, it will still sometimes occur that every day use of our instruments will suggest points in which improvements are possible; and we shall be extremely obliged for any such suggestions.


Windham Press is committed to bringing the lost cultural heritage of ages past into the 21st century through high-quality reproductions of original, classic printed works at affordable prices.

This book has been carefully crafted to utilize the original images of antique books rather than error-prone OCR text. This also preserves the work of the original typesetters of these classics, unknown craftsmen who laid out the text, often by hand, of each and every page you will read. Their subtle art involving judgment and interaction with the text is in many ways superior and more human than the mechanical methods utilized today, and gave each book a unique, hand-crafted feel in its text that connected the reader organically to the art of bindery and book-making.

We think these benefits are worth the occasional imperfection resulting from the age of these books at the time of scanning, and their vintage feel provides a connection to the past that goes beyond the mere words of the text.

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Lançado 11 de junho de 2013
ISBN13 9781628450613
Editoras Windham Press
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