Pathfinder RPG: Howl of the Wild (P2) - Kate Baker - Livros - Paizo Publishing, LLC - 9781640785847 - 11 de junho de 2024
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Pathfinder RPG: Howl of the Wild (P2)

Kate Baker

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Pathfinder RPG: Howl of the Wild (P2)

A Wild Adventure! A sound echoes across the worldâs farthest wildernesses: the howl of countless animals and beasts! This all-new 224-page Pathfinder rulebook dives deep into the wilderness like never before! With new ancestries, character options, animal companions, wilderness foes and more, Howl of the Wild provides a travelerâs pack worth of value for players and Game Masters alike!Join a bumbling naturalist and an eccentric crew as they cross continents in their fantastic airship, searching for four legendary beasts. Along the expedition, youâll find... ⢠Six playable new ancestries to bring PCs' wildest characters to life: strong minotaurs, swift centaurs, magical merfolk, amphibious athamarus, animals awakened to consciousness, and insectile, metamorphic surkis! ⢠Archetypes, spells, and other player options inspired by nature, from additional options for shapeshifting druids to playable werecreatures to archetypes that let you fight with claw, tail, or wing.

⢠New animal companions, weapons and armor forged from the scales and fangs of magical beasts, and all the gear you need out in the field! ⢠A menagerie of Golarionâs animals and beasts for GMs to unleash on players, covering animals like dinosaurs and sharks, expansions on classic monsters like chimeras and griffons, and never-before-seen creatures like the transparent sky fisher, the potion-brewing apothecary bee, and the extradimensional rift chameleon. ⢠All rules optimized for the remastered Pathfinder Second Edition game!

224 pages

Mídia Livros     Hardcover Book   (Livro com lombada e capa dura)
A ser lançado 11 de junho de 2024
ISBN13 9781640785847
Editoras Paizo Publishing, LLC
Páginas 224
Dimensões 203 × 279 × 25 mm   ·   907 g

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