Superstorm Sandy - Bronville Scott - Livros - Page Publishing, Inc. - 9781683486930 - 2 de setembro de 2016
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Superstorm Sandy

Bronville Scott

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Superstorm Sandy

The front cover design (picture) is of the post office located in Beach Heaven, which is a part of Long Beach Island and is located at the Jersey Shore. This particular picture is the first building that I helped work on when the refurbishing process began after Superstorm Sandys devastation. There are residents, tourists, visitors, property owners who live elsewhere and have rental properties at the shore as well as many others familiar with the area, whereby they will recognize what has been photographed in this published book. The south shore holds a multitude of memories of just how far-reaching the destruction was for thousands of people at the shore.

In Mantoloking at the foot of the bridge, a house fully furnished, which was approximately one thousand feet from the Metedeconk River, was totally lost at the bottom of all that water. Not one item was recovered.

As a result of the wind and water damage, the cleaning process was very expensive and tedious.

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Lançado 2 de setembro de 2016
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