Hojo Kyohan: An Instructor's Guide to the Police Rope - Mura Inokichi - Livros - Independently Published - 9781724181268 - 13 de dezembro de 2018
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Hojo Kyohan: An Instructor's Guide to the Police Rope

Mura Inokichi

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Hojo Kyohan: An Instructor's Guide to the Police Rope

A translation and reproduction of an illustrated Japanese Police Manual on using the Hojo, police rope handcuffs from 1926. It is a handbook that accompanied a training lecture done for Japanese Police officers in the 1920s. The lecture and practical demonstration focused on the safest way for police to tie rope handcuffs when transporting suspects or prisoners. The methods are divided into near and far and also take into consideration the clothing the suspect is wearing in order to avoid unwanted attention during transport. The manual also reviews the policies and regulations for prisoner/suspect transport for the Japanese Police which were set down in 1898. The written instructions include a combination of photographs and illustrations. The photographs are in poor shape but the illustrations are clear line drawings. There is a short section of an Edo Era manuscript dealing with rope restraints from the Seigo School of War.

136 pages, Illustrations, black and white; Illustrations, black and white

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 13 de dezembro de 2018
ISBN13 9781724181268
Editoras Independently Published
Páginas 136
Dimensões 227 × 149 × 11 mm   ·   212 g
Idioma English  
Tradutor Shahan, Eric

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