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Public Law 1th edição

Public Law – Insights into Danish Constitutional and Administrative Law is a textbook presenting a selection of insights into Danish public law solutions. The book will appeal to students who want to learn more about how legal frameworks, citizen-oriented rights and solutions, and judicial review measures are designed in Denmark, and how they function there against the backdrop of international law.

The intention of the book is not to put forward a “master narrative” for readers to follow. Instead, it offers “shareable narratives” that the reader can relate to and that will help them develop their own ability to conduct a comparative analysis of the configuration of similar issues in other countries. Although the perspective is international, the book is relevant for both Danish students and international students with an interest in the subject.

The textbook is edited by Peter Aagaard Nielsen and Jesper Olsen.

Insights into Danish Constitutional and Administrative Law

Mídia Livros     Sewn Spine Book   (Livro com capa flexível e lombada costurada de alta qualidade)
Lançado August 31, 2022
ISBN13 9788741277981
Editoras Gyldendal
Genre Love
Páginas 586
Dimensões 181 × 247 × 36 mm   ·   1,03 kg
Idioma Danish  
Idioma original Danish
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