2032 Awakenings - L M Reker - Livros - Independently Published - 9798712998029 - 23 de fevereiro de 2021
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2032 Awakenings

L M Reker

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2032 Awakenings

In 2032, Daniel McKnight, a high ranking government official and biologist, who has cofounded a state-of-the-art, cryo-preservation laboratory, aquarium and sanctuary, Noah's Freezer, reveals a childhood secret: He has been in contact with extraterrestrials for most of his life. Daniel also has spearheaded a brilliant scientific team that recently succeeded in birthing a baby mammoth with an elephant as the host mother. A fearless Boston psychiatrist enters the action to help Daniel cope with the strangeness that surrounds him and the dark forces that seek to crush him. Their goal is to keep humanity in ignorance about the true nature of the universe and to lie about an enigmatic orb that has attached itself to the bottom of the International Space Station.

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 23 de fevereiro de 2021
ISBN13 9798712998029
Editoras Independently Published
Páginas 302
Dimensões 152 × 229 × 16 mm   ·   403 g
Idioma English  

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