Heartbeat the Complete Series Part 3 - Heartbeat the Complete Series Part - Filmes - ITV SPIRIT - 5027626633745 - 6 de março de 2023
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Heartbeat the Complete Series Part 3

Heartbeat the Complete Series Part

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Heartbeat the Complete Series Part 3

Collection of episodes from series 13-18 of the police drama set in North Yorkshire in the 1960s featuring James Carlton as PC Steve Crane and Jonathan Kerrigan as PC Rob Walker. Series 13 episodes are: 'No Hard Feelings', 'Difficult Times', 'Nowhere Man', 'Swansong', 'Strangers On a Train', 'A Call to Arms', 'Muck and Brass', 'Double Trouble' and 'Little Angel'. Series 14 episodes are: 'Money, Money, Money', 'Secrets and Lies', 'Fakers and Frauds', 'The Happiest Day', 'Hunter's Moon', 'Wrecked', 'Say It With Flowers', 'Precious Stones', 'Buried Secerts', 'Stormy Weather', 'Who's Sorry Now?', 'In Sickness and in Health', 'In the Bleak Midwinter', 'Blast from the Past', 'Icon', 'Golf Papa One Zero', 'The Long View', 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing', 'Friends and Relations', 'Off the Rails', 'Rustlers and Hustlers', 'Duty of Care', 'Shadows from the Past', 'Every Dog His Day', 'Services Rendered' and 'Bin Man'.

Series 15 episodes are: 'A Fresh Start', 'The Devil You Know', 'Miller's Tale', 'Mastermind', 'Family Ties', 'The End of the Road', 'Picture This', 'The Good Samaritan', 'Blood Brothers', 'Burden of Proof', 'O Guilty Man', 'Auld Acquaintance', 'Living With the Past', 'Risky Business', 'Hostage to Fortune', 'Judgment Day', 'Get Back', 'Runners and Riders', 'Great Expectations', 'Kith and Kin', 'Wine and Roses', 'This Happy Breed', 'Keeping Secrets', 'The Dying of the Light', 'Bad Company' and 'Accidents Happen'. Series 16 episodes are: 'C'est La Vie', 'Old Scores', 'Intelligent Matters', 'Please, Please Me', 'Memoirs of a Fighting Man', 'Pretty Woman', 'Stumped', Little White Lies', 'Hearts and Flowers', 'Give Peace a Chance', 'Dead Men Do Tell Tales', 'Vendetta', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'Another Little Piece of My Heart', 'Seeds of Destruction', 'No Laughing Matter', 'Out of Africa', 'The Dreams That You Dream', 'Mind Games', 'The Medium Is the Message', 'One Small Step', 'Troubled Waters', 'Where There's Smoke' and 'Laying the Ghost'. Series 17 episodes are: 'Stop Gap', 'Heirs Apparent', 'Night Mail', 'Love Story', 'Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day', 'Touch and Go', 'Burying the Past', 'Only Make Believe', 'The Devil Rides Out', 'Changing Roles', 'A Brush With the Law', 'The Heart of a Man', 'Out of the Long Dark Night', 'Take Three Girls', 'Hey Hey LBJ', 'Danse Macabre', 'Missing Persons', 'Taking Stock', 'The Big Chill', 'Bully Boys', 'It Came from Outer Space', 'You Never Can Tell', 'Mixed Messages' and 'Oscar's Birthday'.

Series 18 episodes are: 'Family Matters', 'England Expects', 'Mother of Invention', 'Living Off the Land', 'Guilty Secrets', 'Strike Up the Band', 'Return Crossing', 'Looking for Isabella', 'The Hospital Job', 'Ups and Downs', 'Thursday's Children', 'The Middle of Somewhere', 'School of Hard Knocks', 'The Runaways', 'Cashing In', 'A Whiter Shade of Pale', 'The War of the Roses', 'Ties That Bind', 'Deadlier Than the Male', 'Jobs for the Boys', 'My One and Only', 'The Open Door', 'Pass the Parcel' and 'Sweet Sorrow'. The special episodes 'Heartbeat: Christmas Album' and 'Heartbeat: Farewell Phil' are also included.

Mídia Filmes     DVD
Número de discos 1
Lançado 6 de março de 2023
EAN/UPC 5027626633745
Gravadora ITV SPIRIT
Dimensões 147 × 197 × 64 mm   ·   762 g
Tempo de reprodução 12:30:00
Código de região Region 2   (Europa)
Idioma English  
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