National Lampoons - Ultimate Vacation Boxset (4 Films) - Chevy Chase Coll 2010 Dvds - Filmes - Warner Bros - 5051892015202 - 12 de abril de 2010
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National Lampoons - Ultimate Vacation Boxset (4 Films)

Chevy Chase Coll 2010 Dvds

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National Lampoons - Ultimate Vacation Boxset (4 Films)

Collection of four comedies following the Griswold family's vacations. In 'National Lampoon's Vacation' (1983), the West Coast Wally World theme park is the Griswold's holiday destination, and they intend to drive there cross-country all the way from their Chicago home. Father Clark (Chevy Chase) has planned the trip down to its last detail, but the trouble begins as soon as they hit the road.

In 'National Lampoon's European Vacation' (1985), the family win a holiday to Europe. Contrary to their expectations, however, it is not a luxurious, all-expenses-paid kind of trip, but rather a cut-price, economy deal which takes them to some of the Old World's seedier locations. Of course, it's not long before they are caught up in all manner of misadventures.

In 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' (1989), the Griswolds decide to spend the Christmas season at home. Needless to say, it is not as quiet as they had planned. Finally, in 'Vegas Vacation' (1997), the clan head for the gleaming lights of Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, Clark is soon transformed into a compulsive gambler, daughter Audrey (Marisol Nichols) becomes an exotic dancer and son Rusty (Ethan Embry) begins posing as a suave high roller.


Mídia Filmes     DVD
Número de discos 1
Specielt cover Box set
Lançado 12 de abril de 2010
EAN/UPC 5051892015202
Gravadora Warner Bros 1000152654
Genre Comédia
Dimensões 193 × 137 × 19 mm   ·   182 g
Tempo de reprodução 06:09:00
Código de região Region 2   (Europa)
Idioma English  
Legendas English
Observe Este filme pode não estar legendado em Brazilian Portuguese

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