Inception Limited Steelbook Collectors Edition - Christopher Nolan - Filmes - Warner Bros - 5051892250214 - 16 de setembro de 2024
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Inception Limited Steelbook Collectors Edition

Christopher Nolan

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Inception Limited Steelbook Collectors Edition

Blockbuster sci-fi thriller written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a professional thief with a difference: the spoils he goes after are not material objects but the thoughts, dreams and secrets buried in the minds of other people. This rare talent has cost him dear, rendering him a solitary fugitive stripped of everything he ever really cared about.

When he is offered a chance for redemption by reversing the process and planting an idea rather than stealing it, he and his team of specialists find themselves pitted against a dangerous enemy that appears to pre-empt their every move. The film won four Academy Awards for its special effects, sound and cinematography.

Mídia Filmes     4K Ultra HD   (4K UHD Blu-ray)
Número de discos 1
A ser lançado 16 de setembro de 2024
EAN/UPC 5051892250214
Gravadora Warner Bros WBUK9225021UHD
Dimensões 135 g
Tempo de reprodução 02:28:00
Código de região Region 0   (Todas as regiões)
Idioma English   German   Czech   Spanish   French   Hungarian   Italian   Polish   Portuguese   Russian   Thai   Turkish   Chinese  
Legendas Cantonese Danish Norwegian Swedish Arabic Czech Greek Spanish Finnish French Hebrew Croatian Hungarian Icelandic Korean Dutch Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Thai Turkish Chinese
Observe Este filme pode não estar legendado em Brazilian Portuguese

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