Jurassic World / Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom - Jurassic World - 2 Movie Colle - Filmes - Universal Pictures - 5053083167127 - 5 de novembro de 2018
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Jurassic World / Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World - 2 Movie Colle

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Jurassic World / Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom

The fourth and fifth films of the 'Jurassic Park' franchise. 'Jurassic World' (2015) picks up 22 years after 'Jurassic Park' (1993) as Isla Nublar, located off the Pacific Coast of Central America, is reopened as a dinosaur theme park. In order to boost attendance, operations manager Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) asks the park's geneticists to create genetically modified hybrid dinosaurs, the latest product of their experimentation being the Indominus rex.

But when the Indominus rex escapes and begins killing other dinosaurs for sport, it's left to park staff member and behavioural researcher Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to clean up the mess. In 'Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom' (2018), with the Jurassic World theme park now lying in ruin, the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar have been left to roam freely round the island. However, with a massive volcanic eruption threatening their existence, former park operations manager Dearing recruits ex-dinosaur trainer Grady and heads back to the island in a bid to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from the impending disaster.

With time running out, the pair soon find their plans complicated further when they uncover a conspiracy which could put the future of the world at risk.


Mídia Filmes     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Número de discos 2
Lançado 5 de novembro de 2018
EAN/UPC 5053083167127
Gravadora Universal Pictures 1000794803
Genre Adventure
Dimensões 140 × 175 × 30 mm   ·   178 g
Código de região Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Idioma English  
Legendas Arabic
Observe Este filme pode não estar legendado em Brazilian Portuguese

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