Ratcatcher - Ratcatcher DVD - Filmes - PATHE - 5060002832202 - 1 de setembro de 2003
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Ratcatcher DVD

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Lynne Ramsey's bleak, beautifully photographed debut unflinchingly portrays life in a Glasgow housing project during the 1973 garbageworkers strike as seen through the eyes of 12-year-old James Gillespie (William Eadie, in a soulful debut). As the film opens, James is playing with a friend near a filthy canal behind the projects when his friend tragically falls into the water and drowns. James chooses not to tell anyone that he saw the boy die, knowing that he will be implicated. This secret, along with his increasing lack of communication with his drunken football-loving father, causes James to become increasingly withdrawn, fantasizing about his family moving to a newly constructed apartment complex at the city limits on the edge of a beautiful, golden field of grain. As the garbage piles up and rats take up residency around the complex as if they were new tenants, James finds temporary solace in his friendships with Kenny, an odd boy who loves animals, and Margaret Anne, a teenage misfit who lets the local boys use her body as they wish.
While undeniably grim, RATCATCHER manages to combine unusually rich imagery and spare use of dialogue to create a realistic portrait of a simultaneously beautiful and cruel world. Punctuated with unexpected humor, Ramsey's film is subtle and rewarding.


Mídia Filmes     DVD
Número de discos 1
Lançado Storbritannien, 1 de setembro de 2003
EAN/UPC 5060002832202
Gravadora PATHE 1000806637
Genre Drama
Dimensões 189 × 137 × 16 mm   ·   88 g
Tempo de reprodução 01:30:00
Código de região Region 2   (Europa)
Idioma English  
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