Original Album Series - Rickie Lee Jones - Musik - WARNER SPECIAL IMPORTS - 0081227983611 - March 2, 2010

Original Album Series

Rickie Lee Jones

R$ 75,90
Data de envio estimada Apr 10 - 18

Original Album Series

Indeholder disse albums: Rickie Lee Jones Pirates Magazine Girl At Her Volcano Naked Songs

Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto) × 5
Specielt cover Box set
Lançado March 2, 2010
EAN/UPC 0081227983611
Genre Rock     Rock / Pop
Dimensões 130 g


  1. 1.   CD  

    1. Chuck E's in Love (LP Version)
    2. On Saturday Afternoons in 1963 (LP Version)
    3. Night Train (LP Version)
    4. Young Blood (LP Version)
    5. Easy Money (LP Version)
    6. The Last Chance Texaco (LP Version)
    7. Danny's All-star Joint (LP Version)
    8. Coolsville (LP Version)
    9. Weasel & the White Boys Cool (LP Version)
    10. Company (LP Version)
    11. After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Midnight) (LP Versio
  2. 2.   CD  

    1. We Belong Together (LP Version)
    2. Living It Up (LP Version)
    3. Skeletons (LP Version)
    4. Woody & Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking (LP Ve
    5. Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue) (LP Version)
    6. A Lucky Guy (LP Version)
    7. Traces of the Western Slopes (LP Version)
    8. The Returns (LP Version)
  3. 3.   CD  

    1. Lush Life
    2. Letters from the 9th Ward / Walk Away Rene
    3. Hey, Bub
    4. My Funny Valentine
    5. Under the Boardwalk
    6. Rainbow Sleeves
    7. So Long
  4. 4.   CD  

    1. Prelude to Gravity (LP Version)
    2. Gravity (LP Version)
    3. Juke Box Fury (LP Version)
    4. It Must Be Love (LP Version)
    5. Magazine (LP Version)
    6. The Real End (LP Version)
    7. Deep Space (LP Version)
    8. Runaround (LP Version)
    9. Rorschachs (Theme for the Pope) (LP Version)
    10. Rorschachs (A. the Unsigned Painting, B. the Wierd
  5. 5.   CD  

    1. The Horses (Live Acoustic Version)
    2. Weasel & the White Boys Cool (Live Acoustic Vers
    3. Altar Boy (Live Acoustic Version)
    4. It Must Be Love (Live Acoustic Version)
    5. Young Blood (Live Acoustic Version)
    6. The Last Chance Texaco (Live Acoustic Version)
    7. Skeletons (Live Acoustic Version)
    8. Magazine (Live Acoustic Version)
    9. Living It Up (Live Acoustic Version)
    10. We Belong Together (Live Acoustic Version)
    11. Coolsville (Live Acoustic Version)
    12. Flying Cowboys (Live Acoustic Version)
    13. Stewart's Coat (Live Acoustic Version)
    14. Chuck E.'s in Love (Live Acoustic Version)
    15. Autumn Leaves (Live Acoustic Version)

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