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The Record


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The Record

The Record is the debut album from the indie rock supertrio, Boygenius, consisting of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker & Lucy Dacus.

Each of the three musicians have brilliant solo careers, so one could fear that a joint project would almost break under the massive expectations, but Baker, Bridges and Dacus have already proven their project's worth on their 2018 self-titled EP.

With The Records Boygenius can present their first full-length studio album, which once again emphasizes their unpretentious and raw approach to music. These are three talents characterized by an authenticity and empathy rarely seen among young musicians today, and on their shared project, they manage to push their songwriting into new areas and towards new heights.

Mídia Música     VINIL     LP   (Vinil)
Lançado March 31, 2023
EAN/UPC 0602455066077
Genre Rock
Dimensões 5 × 315 × 315 mm   ·   225 g

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