$10 Cowboy - Charley Crockett - Música - Son Of Davy - 0691835881331 - 26 de abril de 2024
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$10 Cowboy

Charley Crockett

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$10 Cowboy

It’s been a full 16 months since Charley Crockett has released a record. It’s barely a fraction of a typical album release cycle for most artists, but not Crockett: The Texas singer-songwriter released a whopping nine records over the five year span between 2018 and 2022.

The marathon wait is just one reason that $10 Cowboy, Crockett’s forthcoming album, is the most anticipated collection of the 39-year-old’s career. In a statement, Crockett explained that the record is a wandering tribute to his home country.

“This material is written at truck stops, it’s written at casinos, it’s written in the alleys behind the venues, it’s written in my truck parked up on South Congress in Austin,” he said. “A ramblin’ man like me, a genuine transient, is in a pretty damn good position to have something to say about America.”

Mídia Música     VINIL     LP   (Vinil)
Número de discos de vinil 1
Lançado 26 de abril de 2024
EAN/UPC 0691835881331
Gravadora Son Of Davy SDV14.1
Genre Country
Dimensões 318 × 322 × 4 mm   ·   225 g

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