X's - Cigarettes After Sex - Música - Partisan Records - 0720841303541 - 12 de julho de 2024
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Cigarettes After Sex

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On their new album, "X's," Cigarettes After Sex emerges as a towering figure not just within the indie scene but across any genre. Their journey to the apex of musical acclaim is a testament to their unique trajectory, challenging and expanding the traditional markers of success in today's music industry.

This album dives deep into the complexities of romance through Greg Gonzalez's vivid storytelling, set against a backdrop of mesmerizing, unhurried pop melodies. Unlike their previous works, which drew inspiration from various relationship, "X's" hones in on a singular, four-year-long relationship, offering a more concentrated emotional landscape. Gonzalez shares a raw, intimate exploration of loss and love, suggesting that mere conversations cannot fully convey the depth of his experiences. Only through the act of writing, singing, and immersing in the music can he begin to process and perhaps come to terms with his feelings, embracing the memories without a desire to erase them.

Musically, while adhering to classic pop frameworks, Gonzalez ventures beyond the band's earlier influences from the '50s and '60s, gravitating towards the moody ballads of the '70s and '80s. This shift, though nuanced, injects a new vibrancy into their sound, evoking the poignant image of disco ball-reflected tears on a dance floor—a metaphor for the bittersweet dance of remembering and moving on.

Mídia Música     Cassette   (Cassete)
Número de unidades 1
A ser lançado 12 de julho de 2024
EAN/UPC 0720841303541
Gravadora Partisan Records
Genre Indie     Indie & Alternative
Dimensões 150 g   (Peso (estimado))

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