Alive In Amsterdam - Walter Trout - Música - PROVOGUE - 0819873013532 - 16 de junho de 2016
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Alive In Amsterdam

Walter Trout

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Alive In Amsterdam

*'Alive in Amsterdam'* is the sound of a man announcing his resurrection after a period on the ropes. As **Walter Trout'**s army of international fans are painfully aware, recent times have taken the bandleader to the brink, following a bleak diagnosis of life-threatening liver failure and hepatitis C in 2013.

Stepping onto the stage on November 28th 2015, **Walter Trout** has never sounded so alive. The performance of the Blues-Rock legend is at full-throttle. Trout: "If people were expecting a laid-back show, that's not what they got. This is potent stuff..."Urgent, impassioned and electrifying, it's a live album to treasure!


Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto) × 2
Lançado 16 de junho de 2016
EAN/UPC 0819873013532
Gravadora PROVOGUE PRRD74922.2
Genre Rock
Dimensões 108 g

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